When clogs get serious, sometimes one must pull out all the stops. That’s when hydro jetting comes into play. This system allows companies like ours to clear the most difficult of clogs, including debris, grease, roots, and more. What exactly is hydro jetting? We’ll go through the basics in this article.

What Does Hydro Jetting Mean?

Basically, Hydro Jetting is a very high-pressure water spray used to clear very stubborn clogs. It’s not a “one size fits all” type of tool. We must be careful how we use it because of it’s incredible power. In the wrong hands, it can do more harm than good! A recent article from Blue Frog Plumbing & Drain said, “while hydro jetting is a great option in most cases, it can pack a powerful force. If you have older, more fragile pipes, the water pressure could cause damage in some areas.”

When is Hydro Jetting Required?

As stated earlier, it’s meant for tough jobs when snakes and other traditional methods of drain cleaning cannot get the job done. Often, you’ll see restaurants requiring this type of service because of grease build up in their lines. If a restaurant can’t use their drain, then they can’t open for business. You can imagine what kind of loss that could mean!

Who Should I Hire?

Focus on companies with experience in drain cleaning. Not just any drain cleaning, but big, industrial drain cleaning that smaller companies typically don’t handle. Why? It comes down to experience. You need someone that knows how to handle the pressure of this machine and can clear your clogs without damaging your plumbing.

Hydro jetting is a great option for the toughest of clogs. However, don’t trust this power in the hands of just anyone! Just because they have a hydro jet system, doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. Do your due diligence and find a professional in your area that can handle the job and get you “draining” again!

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