Tankless water heaters are a popular addition to a lot of homes and for good reason. There are big benefits to switching to a tankless water heater and we will outline the most significant ones in this article.

Tankless, also known as on demand, water heaters have increased comfort and convenience. If you have a big family, you likely know the downfall of standard water heaters is they eventually run out of hot water! It can take quite a while to heat up more water. On demand water heaters do not hold hot water, so hot water is always available. Tankless water heaters are also much smaller than a traditional water heater and are mounted to a wall indoors or outside, depending on where you live in the country. The smaller size is ideal for people that are trying to utilize every square foot of space in their homes.

Tankless water heaters are eco-friendly and can save you money. Because the system is not always heating water you will see up to a 40% reduction in your utility costs. Over time, a tankless water heater can pay for itself. On demand water heaters are about 30% more efficient than a 50-gallon tank water heater making it a green option.

Tankless water heaters are reliable and have a long lifespan. Most tankless water heaters come with a long warranty on the heat exchanger and parts and a labor guarantee for the first year. Tankless gas water heaters can last 20 years or more.

It is also worth noting that tankless water heaters are safe and offer clean water. Because water is not stored in a tank, the water avoids accumulation of rust or scale. There are also features on some systems that help to prevent scalding water from reaching your faucet.

It may be worth it to get away from the traditional water heater and try an on demand style. These heaters are a really great way to modernize your home. You will love the savings costs and long hot showers! Call your local plumber today and see if tankless heaters are right for you!

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