Drain Cleaning Is an Art, Not a Chore

Drain Cleaning Is An Art, Not A Chore

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Routine Drain Cleaning Is Important 

Often, nobody notices a drain until it’s clogged. Slope drains, downspouts, subsurface drains, and gutters each have an important job. That is why regularly maintaining one’s plumbing system is important to the overall function of a residence. Clogs, foul odors, and leaks are all avoidable occurrences that homeowners can prevent with regular upkeep. 

Over time, hair, dirt, and even foodstuffs can accumulate inside of a drain, stopping water from coming and going as it should. This is why routine drain cleaning is crucial. Here are some interesting facts about drains and how consistent monitoring can keep the plumbing system running in tip-top shape. 

Faster Drains and Less Clogs

Without getting too technical, all drains link to pipes that carry wastewater through drain pipes. These pipes take wastewater and lead water to the sewer. However, when drains are clogged, this prevents water from flowing as it should. This can lead to many issues, some of which can lead to long-term problems that can become expensive. 

Ideally, when a faucet is running, the water should be coming in as quickly as it is coming out. Keeping a drain free of obstructions is just one of many ways that homeowners can keep their pipes in working order. 

Reduces Odors and Need for Repairs

Woman Covering Her Nose from Drain OdorDrains can get smelly. Sewage, rotting food, or just plain old “gunk” can emit nasty odors, to the extent that some homeowners get used to it. However, through regular drain cleaning, one can eliminate the likelihood of any foul smells. 

Additionally, this can reduce the need for repairs. Over time, obstructions caught inside of a drain can stick to the pipes’ interiors. Some substances can even eat away at pipes from the inside out. However, through regular upkeep and diligence, a homeowner can keep their home’s plumbing system running smoothly. This can involve keeping the drain free of debris, pouring hot water down the drain to flush out any clogs, and taking preventative measures. 

Liquid Drain Solutions Are Not “Cure-All” Solutions

Water Flowing Down The Kitchen Sink

When a homeowner notices that a drain is clogged, usually, their first instinct is to use a store-bought liquid drain cleaner. While this may initially seem like a good idea, in the long run, it’s not. Liquid drain solutions can seriously damage a residence’s pipes. This is because some of these products turn up the heat within a pipe itself, causing the metal to bend and warp. 

In some instances, drain cleaners can make clogs worse! Instead of eating away at an obstruction or pushing it further down, these “solutions” can turn squishy clogs into rock-hard masses. Sometimes, the solution even causes a clog to congeal, causing unpleasant smells and backed-up water. 

These can be incredibly difficult to remove and can make a small inconvenience into a serious problem. One should consider how a professional plumbing service could help them before pouring toxic chemicals into their plumbing system. 

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