Drains are part of our home that we don’t think about until they stop working properly. They are a vital part of our home yet we do not put much thought into them. They are a big part of our plumbing system and should be maintained properly to ensure nothing catastrophic occurs. When you notice that your drains are not functioning properly you should have maintenance done promptly to ensure they do not get worse.

If your drains are clogged or not draining you will need to address the issue quickly. There are lots of different things that can clog a drain including hair, soap and grease. Leaving standing water in your tubs, sinks or other spaces is bad for your plumbing and can create an unhealthy atmosphere. The clog should be removed immediately to keep the damage to a minimum.

Slow draining in our sinks or tubs is also something to look into. This generally indicates a partial clog. Kitchen sinks, bathtubs and bathroom sinks can all suffer from slow draining from time to time. Hair, soap and even small children’s toys can cause water to drain slowly. Grease and food can also clog and cause slow draining in the kitchen.

Overflowing toilets are also a sign of an issue. A toilet blockage can cause a big mess. If a plunger cannot move the blockage down you will likely need to call a plumber. The clog could be deeper in the line and require expert tools and experience to remove.

If water is backing up in your drains you will want to call a plumber. If water is rising in the drains rather than going down the drain you may have a damaged system. Small objects can also become lodged in the drain and cause issues.

An unpleasant smell or rotting smell can be a sign on an issue. A plumber can come clean out the drain to push whatever may be stuck down the line further.

All of these issues are a good reason to have a drain cleaning done. Drain cleanings are an important maintenance step that allows homeowners to better maintain their plumbing system.

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