Kick Off the New Year With a New Water Heater!

Kick Off The New Year With A New Water Heater!

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Signs of a Faulty Water Heater

Water heaters are usually helpful to homeowners all year round. However, most homeowners barely notice when such appliances break down until when it is too late. While repairs should always be left to the experts, knowing when to call them is just as important. In this article, plumbing experts share tips with homeowners to identify a water heater that needs replacement. 

The Water Heater Is Too Old

Just like other residential or industrial appliances, the performance of water heaters usually drops with age. Newer appliances perform better in the first few years, while older ones are always prone to unexpected failures. The same case applies to water heaters that have outlived their expiry dates. 

With such heaters, homeowners will most likely witness some of the following characteristics:  

  • Irregular temperature changes: Such water heaters usually release hot water but suddenly change to lukewarm. Minerals in the water cause this temperature variation. The older the water heater, the higher the mineral deposits. Eventually, these minerals end up blocking important components that facilitate the warming of water.
  • Unusual sounds: Faulty water heaters produce strange sounds to indicate a serious problem. A water heater installation expert can easily identify the exact type of problem. 
  • Extremely hot water: Some owners believe that having boiling water signifies that the heater is working properly. On the contrary, this is a serious problem that should never be ignored. Water heaters are supposed to heat the water to certain temperatures; if the water is hot enough to cause major burns, it is time to shut it off and contact a professional plumber.

There Is Rust in the Water

Rust Stains Flowing in the SinkRust-colored water is a common sign of a faulty water heater and needs a water heater installation expert’s attention as soon as possible. Upon noticing any form of rust in water, homeowners are advised not to drink or use the water until when a professional plumber approves.

The presence of rust in water is usually a sign of corrosion inside the water heater and an indication of the need to have the entire unit replaced with a new one.

Leaking Tank? It Is Time for a Replacement

There are several reasons why water heaters leak, but old age is the most common. Because these tanks are exposed to both hot and cold water, their efficiency tends to depreciate with time. This is their version of wear and tear and often requires a water heater installation expert.

While it is possible to fix some of these water heater problems without experts, the risks outweigh the advantages. Water heaters usually deal with hot water and electricity; these two do not mix.
Plumber Conducting Water Heater Repair

It takes the experience of a licensed and professional plumber to find out the exact cause of the problem and provide the right solution without compromising the household’s safety. This is much better than when homeowners decide to fix the problem independently, but end up creating even more problems.

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