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Drain Field Repairs in the Treasure Valley

We offer professional drain field repair services throughout the Treasure Valley area, including Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell. Call us today.

Your home’s drain field plays a critical role in wastewater management. Through this shallow excavation, pre-treated wastewater from your septic tank flows to porous, unsaturated soil, which treats and discharges groundwater.

A failing drain field can result in a highly unsanitary and unpleasant environment. Fortunately, our team at A Plus Drain Cleaning & Plumbing of Idaho is only a phone call away. We offer professional drain field repairs in Nampa, ID, to restore your wastewater treatment.

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What Are the Different Drain Field Types?

Our experienced team is happy to help you decide which drain field type is best for your property. Give us a call.

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How to Know if You Need a Drain Field Repair

Homeowners often wait too long before addressing issues with their septic tank drain field. By being on the lookout for potential problems, you can take early action and avoid a costly and inconvenient septic system overhaul.

Signs that your drain field needs professional attention include:
  • Backed-up sewage or drain field pipe and the presence of a dark, odorous liquid

  • Water accumulation or puddling on your lawn around the drain field area

  • Unpleasant smells around your drain field

  • Increased growth or greener grass in the area surrounding your drain field

  • The need to pump your septic tank more than once every two to three years

  • Scum or liquid rising above the septic tank baffles or distribution box outlet

  • Effluent discharge to the septic tank surface

Inspect your drain field regularly for any of the above warning signs and get in touch with our team if you detect any issues.

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Schedule Routine Drain Field Maintenance

At A Plus Drain Cleaning & Plumbing of Idaho, we recommend that you schedule regular septic tank and drain field maintenance to prevent clogging, the intrusion of tree roots, and sewer line and tank leaks.

With sufficient maintenance, your septic tank and drain field will efficiently remove and treat wastewater for years.

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