Signs You Need Sewer Line Replacement

Damaged sewer line repair in the floor with broken tiles

January 13, 2023 | |

It’s inevitable for homeowners to experience some form of sewer line issue at one point. At A Plus Drain Cleaning & Plumbing of Idaho, we understand that you want to go the repair route so you can avoid having to undergo the tedious process of sewer replacement. That’s why we have compiled a few signs that should help you decide if it’s time to replace your sewer line or if you just need a routine sewer line repair in Nampa, ID.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains result from the accumulation of organic material and other particles that cannot get transported through wastewater systems. This clogging can cause the flow of wastewater to slow or stop, which can lead to a backup and overflow. While drain clogs don’t necessarily mean you have to replace your sewer line, chronic clogs are indicative of issues that may necessitate a sewer line replacement.

Sewage Smells

If you notice a foul odor from your drains, a replacement may be in order. The build-up of bacteria often causes this odor due to undisposed organic waste. Moreover, the fact that sewage smells are permeating your home means that the sewer line itself is compromised and needs immediate repairs or replacement–depending on the severity of the damage.

Soggy Patches in your Yard

A soggy patch in your yard could indicate a blockage within the sewer line itself due to clogging. This blockage often occurs during heavy rains, snowmelt, or increased watering schedules.

If this is the case, contact a sewer repair services company to assess the damage on-site and determine the best course of action before further deterioration. It is important to conduct this check on a routine basis.

Sewer Backups and Leaks

Sewer backups are a legitimate sign of an impending plumbing emergency. Your sewer lines need to be inspected as it needs immediate repairs and quite possibly a replacement if need be.Leaks from your sewer line can have serious health and sanitary implications. To eliminate this risk, you will need to replace sewer line sections and connections in the system.

For quality sewer pipe replacement and repairs, turn to A Plus Drain Cleaning & Plumbing of Idaho. Contact us today at A Plus Drain Cleaning & Plumbing of Idaho to schedule an appointment!

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