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Repipe Services in Boise, ID

Prompt & Honest, Professional Repipe Services in Boise, ID


Most homes or buildings that were constructed in the 1970s typically have galvanized piping. Galvanized metal or low-quality copper pipes deteriorate quickly and fail even more quickly. Corroded or substandard pipes could eventually end up costing thousands of dollars of water damage. In addition, rusted pipes can contaminate your water supply and cause health hazards to your family. If you are worried about your current piping system, call the repipe experts at A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing.

Our technicians can help you decide whether or not it’s in your best interest to repipe.  We will offer suggestions and other options for your home and your budget. Our repipe services are backed by a generous customer satisfaction guarantee. Say goodbye to old, leaky pipes and hello to the whole house repiping from A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing. Give us a call now at (208) 779-8276 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and certified re-pipe specialists in Boise, ID.

We Are Your Trusted Boise Re-pipe Experts


A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing offers certified whole house re-pipe services that are always code compliant. We have been serving residents of Boise, MD, and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Whole house repiping is complex and daunting work that requires a permit and should only be done by a licensed plumber. We have gained the reputation as the most trusted repipe company in Boise, by providing home and business owners that extra level of service that other plumbing companies cannot compete with. We stand behind our work and we keep up to date on all the latest tools and plumbing techniques.

Whether it is an assessment of existing pipes, a full repiping of your gas or water line, or even a partial re-pipe, we will complete the job fast and efficiently. When you choose A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. We are honest plumbers, and we will provide you with an accurate upfront pricing so you know exactly what you can expect from us.


What Are the Various Re-piping Options?


If you’ve found several leaks throughout your house or you’re tired of fighting with inconsistent plumbing, contact A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing today. We will assess your home or business, and help you find the most elegant and affordable re-piping solutions. Some of the most re-pipe options in Boise include:


  • PEX Piping

PEX is an acronym for Polyethylene pipe. PEX piping is made from a plastic material that is lightweight and flexible. It can be very affordable and will not corrode. It can also provide the benefits of clean drinking water and increased water pressure.They cannot be used outside due to UV light damage.

  • Copper Piping

Copper pipes are made from a strong, rigid material and have joints that will not sag. They are more durable and longer-lasting than PEX pipes. However, the upfront cost to install copper pipes is more expensive.

At A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we are committed to helping you avoid expensive downtime caused by plumbing problems. Call us at (208) 807-2229 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified plumbers.


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Are you planning to repipe your home? At A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we offer full repipe services in Boise, ID and surrounding areas. Whether you need gas line repiping or want to replace your old water supply and sewer line, we provide prompt, affordable, and professional repipe services. Give us a call at (208) 779-8276 to schedule an appointment with our highly skilled specialists.

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